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Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography

We, at HOM Photography, fully understand the different aspects of realtor photography which involves more than the bare minimum. We do not just take photos; our real estate photographers are trained to be fully prepared and equipped to capture the details of your property. They are experts in house prep, photo editing, and creating a visualization before actually taking the shots. If you have an inkling of how time-consuming photo editing can be, you may understand that it may take more than the photoshoot itself, yet we guarantee to provide you with the complete real estate photoshoot with editing in a fixed amount of time. We at HOM Photography, are used to working for deadlines as short as 24 to 48hours as real estate photography does not have the leverage of wasting time. We at HOM Photography also understand that when it comes to real estate photography, co-ordination with estate agents makes all the difference while shooting homes or commercial buildings for online real estate listings.

We at HOM Photography currently provide real estate photography services for the cities of New York and New Jersey. We understand that these cities are the developing hub of real estate in the United States of America. Our real estate photography service can be provided in any of the boroughs in New York, which are Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Bronx.

HOM Photography also provides its real estate photography services in New Jersey; our photographers are well aware of the land and surroundings of the city, which often comes in handy to enhance the photographic images of your home or commercial building.

We believe at HOM Photography that a photograph tells a story correctly if it’s captured right, we aim to excel in providing your real estate with the best photographs to help you achieve your goals.

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